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This kit is for you if there is limited space in your home or office where you can grow plants or if you think what will happen to your plants when you go on holiday. You can also add a decorative atmosphere to your office and home with this kit.

Vertical Green , a Mexican company that creates vertical gardens, has created a kit to create a wall full of plants and grass at home or in your office. The kit, called Plug & Plant , is a wall-mounted, modular system that contains seeds, ready to grow in a soil-free environment.

The company’s plant nutrient medium is made from biodegradable polyurethane starch foam, which they call “smart biofoam”. The module consists of 12 compartments where you can grow plants.

In addition to a water tank to supply plants with water, light, humidity and temperature sensors are available in software that connects to smartphones via Bluetooth so you can learn what is happening in each compartment.

The whole system is quite automatic, except to add water to the tank from the outside. If you enter the product’s Android or iOS app, what kind of seed each pod is, you’ll be sure that each one gets the right amount of water. Excess H2O flows into a “channel” that is fed back into the pipe, so you must refill once a month. There is no way to control temperature or light with Plug & Plant, so it’s up to you to know which plant likes heat or light. Some of the compartments include arugula, basil, strawberry, petunia, cherry tomatoes, pepper and dill.

On the page of this project; At Kickstarter, the starter kit is $ 49 and the retail price is $ 20. This panel includes the channel, tank, sensor and 12 compartment types and everything is written to be sent in May 2016. We don’t know about the latest status of this entrepreneurship project, but if the project hasn’t come to life, I’d love to have someone do it.

In your office or in your office, you can stand on the wall like a table and use it for arugula, parsley and so on. A module with plants … Not bad. It’s even great.

For more information about the project, please see the links I provided in the article.

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